Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Friday Chapel

One new thing this is that we get to have chapel in the new outdoor pavilion that Josh helped to build last year and completed when we returned. My class gets to have chapel with 2nd - 5th grade every Friday for an hour. Each week different classes teach the lesson, sing a worship song, and recite their memory verse for the week. It is such a great time for the kids and it is so fun seeing what the different classes come up with. We also have guest speakers like Bob Stauffacher, parents and other interesting people in the community.

Here are some pictures of our chapel time:

Back in Malawi

Well it has been both hard and great being back in Malawi for our second year. This is my first blog post since I have been back because the Internet has been so bad and I just do not have the patience. It has seemed a little faster lately and I thought that I would give it a try. We have been enjoying being back here in Malawi and have delved back into the culture and our work here. We love our church (Flood - church plant from S.D.'s Flood) and we wanted to give you some pictures in case you are curious. These are from a couple of Sunday's ago when we had out communion service.

We have been going through the book of Acts and Ephesians looking how we can can be changed and help effect change in out community through Christ's example. Our pastor Shaun is a great teacher and has a gift how applying God's word into real life situations and for being a huge encourager in a place that can be very oppressive and dangerous at times.

Josh and Cody have been driving the big ABC bus full of the college students to church every Sunday. Their ministry is really starting to thrive and they have begun to pick up some people from the village near by as well. Two of the guys who have been coming have started their own discipleship group in the village. It is such a blessing to hear things that that and seeing people growing in out church!

I have been serving in the children's ministry teaching in the 7-11 year olds. The kids are super cute and I love the diversity in the group. We are totally blessed to have found a church here that is helping us to be stretched and grow. We are looking forward to the Christmas Outreach we are going to have again this year. People are invites from all over Lilongwe who are not going to have nice Christmas Dinner and we feed them, play games and just celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Josh's Current Constuction Projects

Here are pictures of some of the projects Josh is currently working on in addition to all the maintenance issues of the campus! He is a busy, busy man but I know that this is exactly where God wants him to be! He works long hard days and has many frustrations but is getting a lot done here at ABC with God's help.

This building is going to be the cafeteria for the Academy School. Josh and the workers are putting up huge trusses so that the roofs can be thatched with hay. It is hard work without cranes and large equipment, but these amazing guys get it done somehow! Check out these amazing pictures!

Amazing Avocados!

Tis the season to eat avocados! Look at the size of these things! God knew that we would have to go to a place that would give us Californians the avocados we so love! What a blessing! It is amazing the things you get excited about here in Africa.

Run-in with a Spitting Cobra! YIKES!

Driving home from Bible study last night we saw a huge snake on the road and Josh sped up to run over it. When we got out to look at what type of snake it was, we found out that it was SPITTING COBRA!! It was still very much alive and he and Bob poked at it with a stick a few times and just couldn't help teasing it!!

Yes, Amy and I decided they are officially crazy and take no responsibility for their adventures! :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Farewell to William!

Josh's partner William, that he has been working with since August, left last month to go work for SIM building houses and churched in the bush of Sudan. He was such a great guy and Josh and the workers miss him so much already!! To say thank you for all he has done they decided to give him a "Malawian Farewell"! Bob and Josh and the boys bought a couple of goats to roast and they had a great party! Here are some fun pictures of the party and the goat slaughtering. The big pile of white stuff on everyone's place is called encima.

Encima is a maize mush kind of thing that is the staple food here in Africa. They always tease and say they are not full or you did not feed them if your meal does not include Encima! They love it! I have had it many times and it is really not bad!

Enjoy the pictures!