Sunday, July 27, 2008

Figuring out life in Africa

Mulibwangi - (hello/how are you in Chechewa)

So we are actually feeling back to normal today!! It has been an interesting couple of weeks trying to figure out the crazy system that this country functions on!! Things are going really well and we are actually learning how to do so many things like exchanging our money and how to use it and convert it in our head. Kwatcha is the Malawian currency and the exchange rate is 1000 Kwatcha = $7 U.S. dollars. Their highest bill is 500 so everyone has to carry around huge gobs of money and you feel like you just robbed the bank or something!! Here is a picture of their currency and also a picture of our huge house key!

Another thing we are learning how to do is drive on the opposite side of the road!! It is so different and it does not help that everyone is a crazy driver!! They have a lot of round abouts and it can get a little sketchy trying to decide who's turn it is and what way you are supposed to go. Here is picture of the truck that ABC is going to let Josh use for the two years as a work truck and here is Josh driving on the opposite side of the road - scary :)!! We are hoping to get another small car that we can have for personal use, but this will be great for now! We drove it home from the first night we were here and it is getting easier!! I thought I might be able to walk to ABC or ride a bike, but it is a little scarier and a little farther then we thought.

We also went into the downtown area and got to go to a bunch of different stores and grocery stores. Here are some pictures of the places we visited. This might help you get a better sense of the town and everything. Yes - there is a store called 7-11 and it is fabulous!! It is much more than the simple convenience store it is in the states! They even have a butchery with some pretty good meat - who knew?

Here are some other pictures of a really nice restaurant that the "uzungus" (white people) go to. It is called Mama Mia's and they had some really yummy pizza and gelato!! It is also located in a really nice shopping mall that has an expensive grocery store that reminds me of Harvest Ranch or something. There is not other place around here like this so it is kind of weird to go through the gates and see something that feels like you are in America. I call it the "Fashion Valley" of Malawi!!

Overall, we are doing really well!! Trying to get internet and a couple of other things worked out has been a challenge, but God is really stretching us (and I'm glad!!) Last week we both really started our jobs and having a purpose again felt really good! We have been meeting the people who are on campus and we also got to hang out with a lot of the wonderful students who go to Bob and Amy's house all the time. I cannot wait to get to know them better and have a chance to really minister to them and also have the opportunity for them to minister to us!. The campus is really empty right now because it is still break until the 15th. It will be exciting to meet everyone that is still coming and see ABC in action. We have visited two different churches and we are going to try another one next Sunday before we decide where we want to go. We are missing everyone at home and praying for you daily! I will try and get some more pictures to send of our house, my classroom and Josh hard at work!! We love you all!

  • We have internet in our house - finally!!
  • We are happy and well adjusted
  • We have everything we need - God is so good!

Prayer Requests:
  • We really need to buy a car because we cannot borrow the campus car for much longer
  • We also are missing our family and friends and need prayer that we will be clinging to God and each other like never before
  • We would love prayer for our jobs that are really starting this week full force!!
  • We also are trying to decide on what church we are going to attend


Aunt Honey said...

Hi Em and Josh -
Great update - you sound wonderful!! We miss you desperately but at the same time love watching where God has called you! Your 7-11 looks fabulous (great veggies) but I need more pics of you two!!!

Love, love, love you!! xoxoxoxoxox
Aunt Honey

Zina said...

Hi Josh & Em ~
I'm so glad to hear that you are getting settled in. Love the pix but I agree with Honey...we need to see more of you two. I want something to look at when I pray for you two. You know...action shots! :-)
Love you both!

Mo said...

Hey you two, I'm so happy to see that
God is taking care of your needs.
Your 7-11 is way better than the 7-11 in Del Mar. I bet they have better coffee and pastries too, HAHAHA!!
Your brother in Christ, Morris

Bethany Reine' said...

Hey Josh and Emily, I was excited to find your blog on the ABC missionary directory page. I am glad y'all are settling in alright. We are excited to meet you both! My husband and baby and I will be there soon! Till then, take care and have fun IS crazy!