Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blantyre or Bust!

So this weekend we took a trip to a major city named Blantyre where there are a lot more cars for sale than Lilongwe. It was a four hour drive and we got to see a lot more of Africa than the quick trip home from the airport. We drove through many villages and saw a lot of interesting sights and activities! It looked a lot like Lilongwe, but there was some beautiful mountains and countryside!

The drive was a little crazy because the roads are rough and there are so many people packed into cars and riding their bikes on the narrow roads with no bike lane!! Yikes!

We stayed the night at a hotel in town and then went car shopping at the local Game shopping center (similar idea as Wal-Mart, but NOT!) We made some calls and people started bringing us cars to test drive. We drove a lot of them and were not sure if we were going to find anything. The last car that was brought to us was perfect and was also the right price! Here is a picture of our 1998 Toyota Rav4. It is in great condition and is more than we could have ever hoped for! God is so good and we are blessed to have out own means of transportation again!

On the way home we were all a little tired and cranky but we managed to find some things to make us laugh!!

  • We got an amazing car! - thanks for all the prayers!
  • I was super sick for a few days and I am feeling much better (MS - Malawi Stomach)
  • Orientation starts next week and we get to learn a lot about the history of the college and our role here at ABC. We also get to meet the rest of the new people who have arrived over the past week!
  • The Academy's container came that had tons of school supplies and personal things for some of the missionaries that just arrived!
Prayer Requests
  • On the way home Josh was feeling like he was getting Malawi Stomach too! :(
  • Please pray that we learn a lot this week and have the time and energy to get everything together before school starts next week!


pastor dave said...

Hey, Josh could you stop by and explain to the the people at church why the lights are crooked in the ceiling?I just read all your stuff. God is for sure answering all our prayers. We all you love you very much. Have a wonderful time there but be careful not to put your self in a dangerous spot. Its along way for us to come to help you. Josh you and em both remember what I always tell you about each other. Take care of each others needs and everything will be cool.Enjoy all your experiences and keep sending us pictures.We are serious about coming to vist next year. Love Pastor Dave

andie said...

hey josh and em its your crazy aunt andie just wanted to tell josh to stop being so careless love you.