Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Joy of Teaching!

Well it has been a crazy couple of weeks but I feel like I am finally starting to the hang of this teaching full time thing! There are so many details and so much responsibility! I feel like this week I have been able to catch up and get ahead of myself a little. I had a rough first couple of weeks where I felt like I was just drowning, but God is so gracious and he is carrying me through.

My students are wonderful and each one is so unique and special. It is so strange teaching them an American curriculum because they have never even heard of 75% of the states in America and almost know almost zero about our history and founding fathers. To make it even better, I am also teaching them about U.S. dollars and our system of measurement. I have never felt so foreign in my life - yikes!! One thing that I am definitely experiencing here is an awareness that there is a bigger world than San Diego or even California. There are amazing, interesting things that I never took the time to notice and learn about when I was absorbed into my own little world.

We have a great staff of teachers who are fun, creative, loving, and supportive! I am enjoying getting to know them all and sharing in our morning devotionals. We meet 3 times a week and they are just the right way to get your morning started off right. I have also started going to the girl's bible study that all the teacher's go to at our friend Annie and Megan's house. We are studying the Beatitudes and I am really enjoying getting to know everyone on a more intimate level.

After school is also a busy time. ABC has a great sports program and the teachers all have to volunteer one or two days a week to help make it happen for the kids. My wonderful neighbors Marley and Bech that are here for a year from Mississippi helped start some new clubs. Marley is teaching ballet to the younger girls - so cute! Bech and I decided to start an outdoor Arts and Crafts Club that has been very successful so far. We have been building our own fence to enclose the area where our garden is going to be. We are going to prepare the ground for planting, make compost, plant and harvest our own fruits and vegetables. We will also do some basket weaving, tin making, macrame, painting, pottery and all kinds of other great stuff. I will keep you posted on how it is going and try to take a lot of pictures. I will work on getting some more stuff for you guys to see. Sorry we are not posting more but life is super busy and we are doing our best!
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