Monday, September 1, 2008

maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

Did somebody say maintenance? Well there's definitely not a shortage of things to be maintained and built. I want to share with you whats going on on the building end of things. I will start with some of the new and exciting things.

Here are the new ABC guest huts, this is where short term teams and guests stay, the huts are pretty much done but the main lodge is still underway. The huts are very cool, and are very nice inside. (I will get some pics of the inside some other time)

Here's the inside of the main lodge, all the trusses and beams are tree trunks and the roofs are thatched!

Scaffolding in the main loge.

This particular part of the project will also temporarily serve as the preschool. The loge was divided in half by a partition wall, so the front half will be a classroom, and the back a kitchen and dining hall. The kitchen may have to wait to be finished though as the funds for this project are still being raised.

There are 2 more new buildings going up on campus, a pediatric ward (it will be the first and only one in in Malawi) and a 2 story building which will host a science lab, Art room, and a couple of other rooms as well for the Academy. These buildings are being managed by a Man named William. He's in charge of construction/maintenance of Academy and Clinic but for the next few weeks I get the privilege to help out with these while he is back home for a little visit.
(Back of PED Ward) (Main Entrance) (Plans)

The money for the Ped Ward was donated by a Church in Whittier CA.

Academy building
A whole lot of brick, steel, cement, sand, rock! So thats it for the new construction.

Here's a project a hard working man can appreciate. A mile of trench with a 4 inch water line in it to help the water pressure challenge in the upper part of the campus. Now you may be thinking, man, that's allot of trench, and you're right! It would take couple weeks for a trencher to trench that ditch, whelp try a pick and a shovel!!!!!!! Can you imagine
digging that by hand? (the pic only shows a portion of the trench)

I find this next pic amusing for the simple fact that it makes me think of some taco shop food, yeah you know a fat carne asada burrito mmmmm! The problem= you cant get any real mexican food here, and mexican corn tortillas are non existent. Some have tried using maze flower but it's not the same, so with the corn tortilla shortage there's no normal tortilla chips. Luckily the Mexican San Diegans that we are, Amy Louise has developed a chip using the limited recourse's we have! Taste a little different, but its a crunchy triangle tortilla.

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