Monday, March 23, 2009

Putzi Fly! Oh my!

So last week was one of the coolest, yet grossest weeks of my entire life. I left to go on my first little safari get away and I noticed that I had some strange bites on my thighs and my leg. I just figured it was some random bite, because it seems like you have a new one each week, so I left on the safari and the next day the bumps started to turn into little boil looking things that were really painful. The first thing that popped into my mind was that it might be the dreaded Putzi Fly! My friend Michelle had one on her leg and she said it was horrible. They are little flies that lay their eggs in damp clothes that have been left outside. When you put these damp clothes on the eggs hatch upon contact with human skin. After a few days you get a maggot that starts growing in your skin!! I hoped to God that this is not what I had, but when I got home and went to the clinic the diagnosis was confirmed - 8 Putzi Fly maggots were in my legs!! Gross!! To get the maggots out of your skin you have to smother them with Vaseline and then squeeze. The little maggots just squeeze out but it is very painful and horrible! The maggot also leaves a lovely hole in you skin that I am sure is going to leave huge scars! All eight are now out of my body, but now they itch horribly and it is very uncomfortable! The doctor here is great and I am going to back tomorrow for a re-check. We also got our dryer fixed which was the whole reason I got them in the first place! This is just one of those wonderful African memories that I will never forget!! Thank you God for getting me through!

Here is a picture of the first four maggots that came out of my skin!! Enjoy!


Jeff said...

Hey Em...I have to say...blech! We miss you guys! You are in our prayers both for intercession and PRAISE!!! We will pray and hope you and Josh feel better soon!



Jeff said...

Hey...what's going on this week? Are you guys feeling better? We miss you! -J

Annaleah said...

Oh my gosh girlfriend...that is SO disgusting! You are such a trooper!!!