Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trip to the Beautiful Village of Dzuwa

Last weekend Josh and I am some of our friends went to stay the night in the village with some of our Malawian friends that have recently graduated and left ABC to become missionaries in some nearby villages. The couple is Ronald and Ulemu, Ronald is the guy who Josh took over for when we came to ABC in July. They are an amazing couple who serve whole heartedly in the village of Dzuwa. Ronald is now working with the local pastors and doing some mentoring and teaching and Ulemu teaches at the small school in the center of the village. She made is possible for us to be able to do a mini VBS for the 200 kids that live there. The kids saw us drive in and they just waited outside the house for the "uzungus" (white people) to come out and play with them. There were so many kids! It was great!! We had the best time with the kids just singing, dancing, skipping and playing. It was nothing like the VBS days in America, but somehow it was more fun than I have ever had with a large group of kids like that. We had nothing but a guitar and ourselves, but we had a blast!

Here is Ronald and Ulemu and some pictures of the adorable kids!!

When we first arrived on Saturday we got to pick Maze corn for our dinner in the fields for our very first time. It was surprisingly a really fun experience and I feel like I learned so much about the plant that I stare at everyday while driving around town. Maize is the staple food for 90% of the population in Malawi and we got to see how it is dried and made, really cool! We spent a lot of time cooking in their outdoor kitchen - really hard work. I don't know how Ulemu does it everyday for all three meals? WOW what a great wife!! That is sacrificial love ladies if I have ever seen it!

We were able to stay the night and go to church the next day which was a great experience! We met another great couple who lives next door to Ronald and Ulemu and Josh and I ended up sleeping in their house. Their names are Eliot and Gloria and their cute baby is Chico for short; her full name I cannot remember, but I know that it means providence in Chichewa.

The next day at church we could not understand a word that was being said, but the singing was beautiful and the service was really interesting and different. We sat on concrete seats that were lined up without a lot of legroom, but we made it through the two hour service and really had a very good time. W They are wonderful people and we are looking forward to visiting at least once a month. It is only a two and a half hour drive and maybe if a team comes to East Valley next year we can go and visit for a night!!

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