Friday, May 22, 2009

Farewell to William!

Josh's partner William, that he has been working with since August, left last month to go work for SIM building houses and churched in the bush of Sudan. He was such a great guy and Josh and the workers miss him so much already!! To say thank you for all he has done they decided to give him a "Malawian Farewell"! Bob and Josh and the boys bought a couple of goats to roast and they had a great party! Here are some fun pictures of the party and the goat slaughtering. The big pile of white stuff on everyone's place is called encima.

Encima is a maize mush kind of thing that is the staple food here in Africa. They always tease and say they are not full or you did not feed them if your meal does not include Encima! They love it! I have had it many times and it is really not bad!

Enjoy the pictures!

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