Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back in Malawi

Well it has been both hard and great being back in Malawi for our second year. This is my first blog post since I have been back because the Internet has been so bad and I just do not have the patience. It has seemed a little faster lately and I thought that I would give it a try. We have been enjoying being back here in Malawi and have delved back into the culture and our work here. We love our church (Flood - church plant from S.D.'s Flood) and we wanted to give you some pictures in case you are curious. These are from a couple of Sunday's ago when we had out communion service.

We have been going through the book of Acts and Ephesians looking how we can can be changed and help effect change in out community through Christ's example. Our pastor Shaun is a great teacher and has a gift how applying God's word into real life situations and for being a huge encourager in a place that can be very oppressive and dangerous at times.

Josh and Cody have been driving the big ABC bus full of the college students to church every Sunday. Their ministry is really starting to thrive and they have begun to pick up some people from the village near by as well. Two of the guys who have been coming have started their own discipleship group in the village. It is such a blessing to hear things that that and seeing people growing in out church!

I have been serving in the children's ministry teaching in the 7-11 year olds. The kids are super cute and I love the diversity in the group. We are totally blessed to have found a church here that is helping us to be stretched and grow. We are looking forward to the Christmas Outreach we are going to have again this year. People are invites from all over Lilongwe who are not going to have nice Christmas Dinner and we feed them, play games and just celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!


Bonnie said...

I fianlly sat down today and read all the way through your blog. Great pictures!! It certainly helped me feel not so far from you.

Could not get over the size of thos avocados! Wow!!

Rumble said...

Read your blog and am sure you would be interested in the short video we made when we were in Malawi. You may have to copy the link into your browser: