Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Friday Chapel

One new thing this is that we get to have chapel in the new outdoor pavilion that Josh helped to build last year and completed when we returned. My class gets to have chapel with 2nd - 5th grade every Friday for an hour. Each week different classes teach the lesson, sing a worship song, and recite their memory verse for the week. It is such a great time for the kids and it is so fun seeing what the different classes come up with. We also have guest speakers like Bob Stauffacher, parents and other interesting people in the community.

Here are some pictures of our chapel time:


Bethany Reine' said...

oh emily...i miss you. believe it or not, beth moore follows me around in my thoughts. being back in america is a struggle and i just have to remember what beth said: just because you can doesn't mean you should. it is babylon here! on the other hand, i know that i cannot glorify malawi...i know it is hard being there at times and so much time is spent thinking and talking about america.
we are praying for you guys over there. we miss you and love you.
wow-next time i will just write you an email! :)
love, bethany

joe said...

Awsome chapel guys, nice work Josh :) Were all missing you! Malowi sounds bitchin' so in school I'm doing a project bout it in globel Economics class(next year)

-Joe ;p

joe said...

hi mamma and pappa and growing baby i love you and you two do beautiful work know u r busy we will keep up with you god be with you emily and josh and brother cody u r in r prayers and in our hearts with love think of you daily and quite ole dan too what a blessing we all have to have famlies. Ur touched by god doing well each day belongs to god his will will put us together in his time I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH HUGGS AND KISSES MOON SKY AND STARS AND OCEANS

actually now that it is time for your journey home iam trying to get my tech on.....ha ha lol